Betty Blanco-Gomez is a full time student at San Diego State University. She is in her undergraduate program for Dance as well as a PreMed Track. As a dance major, Betty is required to take more classes than the average student. After a six or twelve hour day, Blanco-Gomez attends classes at the City Ballet of San Diego where she is a trainee with the City Ballet’s professional company. Her favorite pastime is being able to watch the sunrise and sunset on the beach when walking to and from school or Ballet. Betty started ballet at the age of six. The first real life princess she met was Laura Alexich, Laura was Bettys first ballet teacher and is a huge mentor in Bettys life. Blanco-Gomez attended a performing arts high school where she was a part of the ballet conservatory. Jekynz was a big role model for Blanco-Gomez. The intense classes made Betty feel she was being pushed to the best of her abilities. Betty was able to understand who she was as a dancer from Laura and Jekynz and wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Being able to reminisce of the classes, community, and amazing teachers of Socal arts during rehearsals for some of my first professional performances has been completely surreal. Implementing the nurturing corrections of Laura and Jekynz into my professional career, is allowing me to be the absolute best dancer I can be.”
– Betty Blanco-Gomez, Professional Trainee with the City ballet of San Diego