SCA | Billing Policies

Class prices vary depending on type of individual package and calendar entry point, whether Promotional, Single, Privates, Professional, Year-Round member.

Note: SOCAL ARTS is a year-based curriculum school. The vast majority of our students are in this payment plan. The Year Round Program is our preferred payment model and we strongly encourage every new student to become a member.

  • If a reason outside of our and the student’s control requires a student to take time to decide on entering the year program, a nominal one-time registration fee will be charged when the student takes the first class at single class pricing, immediately following the end of the promotional period. Should a student proceed to join the Year Round Program within the first month from the first single rate class, the registration fee will refunded.

Note: Every student past the promotional period is subject to a registration fee.

  • For our members, the Year Round Pricing is a yearly amount consisting in a down payment plus twelve even payments.
    For the Year Round annual agreement students have the choice to set up a monthly payment or pay the amount in full for further discounts.​
  • There is no opt-out option for the annual agreement. A 30-day notice is required for all changes or cancelations due to medical reasons or financial hardship. Refunds will be reasonably negotiated for those students who paid in advanced.
  • Failure to remit payment may result in late fees and collection proceedings.

A $15.00 fee shall be assessed for failures due to non-sufficient funds. Failed EFT transactions will be retried within 10 days after the transaction fails unless other plans are made. A $15.00 fee shall be assessed for each failed attempt. If accounts remain delinquent beyond 30 days, an additional $10 fee will be assessed.

A $25 fee shall be assessed for reversals made by the billing party. If the billing party continues to reverse charges, SOCAL ARTS billing services will discontinue servicing this account and collections proceedings may be initiated. If the billing party fails to resolve delinquent account issues with SOCAL ARTS, SOCAL ARTS reserves the option to refer the account
to collections. The billing party shall be held liable for any collection charges or legal fees assessed as a result of delinquent


$15 will be assessed for credit card failures. Credit card charges will be automatically retried within 5 days of the original charge. An additional $10 fee may be assessed for each failed attempt to retry the charge. A $25 fee shall be assessed for charge backs issued by the billing party. If a credit card charge is resubmitted and fails or is reversed a second time, an additional $10 fee may be assessed. An additional $10 fee will be assessed for accounts left delinquent longer than 30 days. Failure to resolve delinquent accounts may result in collections proceedings. The billing party shall be held liable for any collection charges
or legal fees assessed as a result of delinquent accounts.

Contract Agreements generally do not have opt-out options, so the billing party is responsible for the full terms of a Contract Agreement. SOCAL ARTS reserves the right to discontinue service if failure to pay becomes chronic or if the billing party fails to make a reasonable effort to contact SOCAL ARTS and remit monies owed.