Three girls making a heart sign
Three girls making a heart sign

Southern California’s
Premier Dance School

Looking for the best dance school in Southern California? Look no further than SoCal Arts! Our dance school offers exceptional training and valuable experience to aspiring performing arts professionals. With a focus on individual development in our young dancers and pre-professional programs, our students cultivate their skills in an environment that fosters creativity and growth. Join us and start pursuing your artistic dreams today!

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Our Classes & Programs

Pre-Ballet Classes

Ages 2 – 4

Young Dancers Program

Ages 5 – 10

Pre-Professional Program

Ages 11+

Boys Ballet

Ages 6+

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Our mission is to inspire and nurture a passion for dance in children of all ages. 

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What Our Parents and Students Say…

uh…duh, I belong on the stage!

Logan C, Student

Laura Alexich and her husband Jekyns Pelaez are two of the most incredibly gifted teachers and dancers. It is hard to find studios that have their level of professionalism, performance background, choreography experience and teaching history. Be sure to get into signed up at SoCal Arts for the best training in California!

Jenny S, Student

My daughter told me today she wanted to sit and write notes that Ms. Laura gave her so she could review. Thank you so much for sharing your gift and love of ballet with her.

Debbie B, Parent

She loves the lessons… and told me she wishes your dance studio was around when she first started dance because the instruction is so good

Christine W, Parent

We love you both and will miss seeing you guys!! I just left her and it hurt so much but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I wanted to say thanks a billion for pushing her and helping her level up!! 💕

Angie M, Parent

Thank you so much for being you! And empowering others to be their best self is a safe space. Meeting Natalie, Junipers dorm RA and your prior ballet student speaks so highly of you, Clearly you are becoming a legend with all the girls you have taught and continue to want be in your orbit! ❤️

Debbie B, Parent

Just want to say thank you so much for creating such a special day! I can’t even imagine how much hard work it must take to pull off two wonderful performances and I want you to know how much it means to our family and how much we appreciate you. I’m just overjoyed that Eleanor is able to have these experiences. Thank you!!

Kathryn B, Parent