We are more than just a ballet school, we offer a modern approach to learning the art of dance through mentorship and personal development.

Our mission is to cultivate a love for dance in young dancers aged 6 to 11 by providing a nurturing and inspiring environment that fosters growth and development. Through mentorship and instruction in classical ballet and prepointe techniques, we aim to empower our students with the skills, confidence, and discipline necessary to become well-rounded dancers. We are dedicated to creating a community where our young dancers can thrive and achieve their goals, both in and outside the studio.

Our pre-professional dance program for dancers ages 11 to 18 is designed to provide comprehensive training in all aspects of dance, preparing them to become not only skilled artists but also leaders in their field. Our program is dedicated to offering an immersive dance experience, combining rigorous technical training with opportunities for artistic expression and leadership development.

Our curriculum includes a range of dance styles, including classical ballet, contemporary, modern and jazz. Our expert faculty is comprised of experienced professionals who specialize in each style and work together to provide a well-rounded education in dance. In addition to technique classes, we offer courses in dance history, choreography, improvisation, and dance analysis to enhance students’ understanding of the art form.

We believe that leadership skills are essential for aspiring professional dancers, so our program also includes opportunities for students to develop their leadership abilities. We encourage our students to take on roles as choreographers, rehearsal directors, and mentors to younger dancers, giving them the chance to build their confidence and inspire others.

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Our mission is to inspire and nurture a passion for dance in children of all ages. 

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