STYLE: Ballet     |     LEVEL: Level 4+ (or ages 10+)     |     DATE: August 13th, 2023 / 2-4p

Eric Shah, native of Los Angeles, has been an athlete since day one, playing such sports as baseball, soccer, football, tennis, surfing and skateboarding.  Later, at the age of 22, he was finally brought in to the dance world under the direction of Victoria Koenig, Rebecca Wright, and Stanley Holden.  Eric also studied extensively with mentor Arturo Fernandez.  He gave 24 years dancing, teaching, choreographing, coaching, and co-directing for Inland Pacific Ballet.  He has performed with many opera company’s such as Arizona Opera, Opera Carolina, Baltimore Opera, Los Angeles Opera, New Jersey Opera, and Seattle Opera.  After years of tearing, ripping, twisting, pulling, and breaking much of his body, Eric discovered a wide range of healing modalities which led to extensive study and accreditations.  He has now been a manual therapist and movement educator for over 25 years.  Teaching dance and movement to students of all ages has been his greatest passion and soul purpose.